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Big Shed + CDS =
Doc Fun in the Summertime
Big Shed and the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University are conspiring to bring you another great event in 2015.
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Digging In: An Artists Retreat (for documentary makers)
(July 26 - August 1, 2015) Registration is Open!
If you have a story you’re trying to finish, a project you're researching, a proposal you need to write, or maybe you just want space to think about your creative trajectory this week-long retreat was designed for you. We've made some exciting changes since last year. Find out more...

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Previous Events
Big Shed partnered with the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University to create two stupendous events in 2011. Folks joined us in Durham, NC for a multimedia training and our first documentary retreat. Shea, Jesse and Jennifer were joined by special guests, including Amy O'Leary, Maisie Crow, and Elena Rue. And most importantly, we got to help dozens of participants make some fantastic work while learning some new tricks.