Third Coast Award Winners!!
Big Shed's Shea Shackelford and Virginia Millington won the Bronze Award for Best Documentary at the 2010 Third Coast International Audio Festival for their story, "This can go on forever." You can hear or license to the full story at PRX.


Big Shed + Duke CDS = Two Workshops in 2011

Show + Tell: Multimedia training for photographers, audio producers & media makers (March 3-6, 2011 | cost: $680)
This intensive three-day training is geared towards photographers, writers, radio producers, editors and other media makers who want to learn new, complimentary skills in photography and audio to make stronger multimedia content. We can help you build on your current expertise in fieldwork, digital editing and story construction. Big Shed will lead a team of experienced instructors and guests, including featured presenter New York Times Editor Amy O’Leary.

Digging In: An audio retreat (July 24-29, 2011 | cost: $380)
This five-day creative work retreat is designed to bring together audio producers and other creatives in a lightly structured environment to work on your individual projects. If there’s a story you’re trying to finish, a proposal you’re trying to write, or maybe you just need some space and community to think about your creative trajectory, this is a relaxing, invigorating, and supportive time for you to focus on your work. Oh yes, and there will be homemade ice cream.

More information coming soon!
(feel free to email with any questions.)


The Big Shed Podcast is Back!
Welcome back to where it all started.

Five years ago, the Big Shed Audio Documentary Podcast was born--creating what one producer describes as "a podcast paradise for independent audio documentarians."

After a hiatus, we're back! With more good voices, good stories, and mucho more good sounds produced by audio up-and-comers and veterans alike.

We're super excited to once again be podcasting the Big Shed brand of playful, personal, intimate, fresh work directly to your computer. If you haven't caught it yet, we kicked things off with the second installation of "Shortwaveology" from producer David Goren. It's a beautiful audio experience, and we're proud to be presenting it.

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Check out our back catalogue. It's an amazing gallery of 60+ pieces from 40+ producers we consider part of the Big Shed family.

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Shea, Jen + Jesse = Big Shed


Poop + Memory
The Poop + Memory Project is hitting the road, again. This time, we're headed for the Megapolis Audio Festival in Baltimore in April 2010!

This playful art project came about as a spontaneous burst of giddy genius as we were tossing around ideas for a sound installation at The Bridge PAI, in Charlottesville, VA ... well, in the bathroom at The Bridge.

For the third year in a row, we were installing audio art for captive audiences as part of The Bridge's annual Audio Month. Why we had never thought of using bathroom-related stories before, we could not fathom. And we couldn't resist, either =

This project is also an homage to The Place + Memory Project. And like that project, it's all about you getting involved! So we encourage you to look, listen, and leave your own story (888-921-4224).
Announcing Verite + 1 - an Audio Competition
The awkward and wonderful pacing of everyday life can be beautiful and difficult to hear. Audio verite is produced from sound recorded without prompting or control by the recordist—no voiceover, narration, interview, time compression. Often used as an element or technique, it rarely comprises an entire audio documentary in the US. Our American ears aren’t used to hearing it, but we want you to help us change that.

Help us start a movement. We invite you to make a 5-30 minute documentary using Audio Verite tape + 1 (by which we mean + 1 interview). All entries will be published online and the winning entry receives a prize of $250 and will be featured in a special episode of the Big Shed podcast.

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2011 | Click here for more details.


Documentary Square Dancing with Big Shed
We're not a band, we just look that cool.  We're public radio producers.
It's square dancing season in the Big Shed. We're crossing the country bringing you a massive, choreographed, storytelling fandango. It's not actually dancing ... but it's about as much fun.
Our next dance will be in Baltimore, MD, at the Megapolis Audio Festival in May. Our first square dance in Charlottesville, VA, in March was such a smashing success, we can't wait to do it again. This is part of The Place + Memory Project.

We've figured out a way to get dozens of people simultaneously telling stories about places from their past that meant so much to them. And before each event is over, we collectively create an audio landscape of the remembered places for posterity. And all the while, getting to know all folks from your community in a whole new way.

This is all part of the second phase of The Place + Memory Project. We're working hard to find new and exciting ways to remember the places that shaped shaped local communities.

Last year we launched The Place + Memory Project to celebrate places we love that no longer exist.

We created a series of stories for National Public Radio along with The Place + Memory website where visitors have added hundreds of locations, adding their own audio, video, photo, and written memories to document the high school hangouts, awesome restaurants, family-run businesses, one-of-a-kind bars, magical parks, and other places that are gone, but not forgotten.

This project was created as part of the Public Radio Makers Quest 2.0, an initiative of the Association of Independents in Radio with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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